Philip’s Stargazing With Mark Thompson

PH_Stargazing with MT_jkt CR_jh002 jcx.indd£9.99
230 x 160mm
176 pages
ISBN 978-1-84907-313-4

The essential guide to astronomy

Mark Thompson has spent 30 years observing the night sky and has introduced many newcomers to the fascinating hobby of astronomy. In this book, he describes his stargazing experiences and shares a wealth of practical knowledge, together with many valuable hints and tips. Not only does Mark demonstrate great observational techniques and how to find the brighter objects in the sky, but he also details the important steps of choosing and using a telescope, with advice on the most useful accessories to have.

* An informative guide to stargazing by TV’s favourite astronomer
* Learn to recognize the planets, stars and constellations
* Includes seasonal star charts for the northern hemisphere
* How to choose and use astronomical equipment – the easy way
* Perfect for all levels – from beginners to more advanced amateur astronomers

Mark Thompson is one of the presenters on BBC Stargazing LIVE and is also a specialist presenter on ITV’s This Morning and a regular on Radio 5 Live.

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