Philip’s Astrophotography With Mark Thompson

PH_AstroPhoto with MT_jkt CR_jh003 jcx_9mm CR.indd£9.99
230 x 160mm
160 pages
ISBN 978-1-84907-314-1

The essential guide to photographing the night sky

Until a few years ago, astrophotography was fraught with many challenges, but with the development of digital cameras replacing film, great astronomical images are now within the reach of even the most novice stargazer. Mark Thompson has spent many years capturing the beauty of the night sky, first with film and now with the digital camera, and has discovered and overcome many of the pitfalls. This book takes the reader on a journey through the world of capturing astronomical images from using the humble smartphone to specialist cameras, brought to life with Mark’s personal experiences and many of his own astronomical images.

* The essential guide to astronomical imaging, written by TV’s favourite astronomer
* Includes advice on choosing the right equipment
* How to get great images with and without a telescope
* Hints and tips on photographing the stars and planets
* How to process images to achieve the best results

Mark Thompson is one of the presenters on BBC Stargazing LIVE and is also a specialist presenter on ITV’s This Morning and a regular on Radio 5 Live.

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