Philip’s Astronomy Starter Pack

AstronomyStarterPackWallet_2016_jh02.indd £16.99
310 x 310mm
ISBN 978-1-84907-424-7

A new edition of the exciting Philip’s Astronomy Starter Pack, suitable for use in the Northern Hemisphere, containing three essential items to introduce the beginner to the fascinating hobby of astronomy: a ‘glow-in-the-dark’ planisphere, an 80-page paperback book about the stars and planets, and a colourful wall poster of the Solar System.

* An essential starter pack for newcomers to astronomy and stargazing, suitable for use in the Northern Hemisphere.
* Features the Philip’s 51.5 degrees North planisphere that ‘glows in the dark’ – a practical and fun starfinder for identifying the stars and constellations.
* Includes the 80-page paperback Philip’s Exploring Stars and Planets – a stimulating introduction to astronomy, full of fascinating facts and figures about the Universe, written by Ian Ridpath.
* Plus an attractive folded wall poster illustrating the planets and other bodies in the Solar System, with informative text and tables.

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