Philip’s Essential Guide to Space

290 x 220mm
192 pages
ISBN 978-1-84907-419-3

The definitive guide to exploring and understanding our Solar System and the Universe beyond.

* A stimulating guide detailing recent developments in space exploration written by Paul Sutherland.
* Rockets, spacecraft and satellites – the first steps into space.
* The race to the Moon – and future lunar exploration.
* Exploring the Solar System – up-to-date information about human and robotic spaceflight.
* Making space home – living and working on the International Space Station.
* Observatories in space – looking for other planetary systems and measuring the Universe.
* Illustrated throughout with stunning photographs and colourful artworks.
* Suitable for ages 12 to adult.

Paul Sutherland has been a professional journalist for nearly 40 years including more than 25 years on leading popular Fleet Street titles. He is a member of the British Astronomical Association, a Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and belongs to the Association of British Science Writers.

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