Philip’s Stargazing with Binoculars

198 x 126mm
208 pages
ISBN 978-1-84907-300-4

Authors Robin Scagell and David Frydman reveal what to expect from binoculars when stargazing and how to choose the right ones if buying for the first time or upgrading.

This practical guide provides clear step-by-step instructions for finding objects, and explains what you can expect to see from both northern and southern hemispheres.

Includes easy-to-use star maps covering the whole sky.

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“When I first started out in Astronomy, I spent over £300 on things that should have been left in the shop. If I had owned a copy of this book, it would have enabled me to buy just what I needed, with cash left over. It gives you all the information you need to set yourself up with the right kind of Binoculars for the job, and shows you that buying a good pair is not as easy as you think.”